What is Voyagr?

Voyagr helps people discover, explore and share their world. On Voyagr, users follow experiences aka Voyages.

What is a Voyage?

A Voyage is a collection of images, videos, and content related to a shared experience. It captures content from multiple users in a single location to create a multi-perspective collage that others can join or follow.

How should I use Voyagr?

Voyagr is a platform created for an optimal user experience, promotes collaborative engagement, and encourages getting out and seeing the world. How you use it is up to you!

An example Voyage could be a family trip and capturing all content from each family member in a single location. Start a Voyage, invite your family members to join/contribute, and together create a collage of that once in a lifetime vacation!

Another example could be a group of hikers together on a scenic nature-filled trail. All adventurers can share the personal experience showing their adventure through multiple lenses.

What is the Voyagr mission?

Our goal is simple: we want to provide a platform that enables people to experience, capture and share adventures. Today, most social media platforms are focused on the individual. At Voyagr, our focus is instead on the collaborative experience. We strive to create a positive, fun online community by connecting people with common passions and encouraging the exploration of our world.

How can I sign up for Voyagr?

You can download right now at our home page at voyagr.world or by searching keyword "Voyagr" on the App Store.